What exactly these reagents do?

Reagents are used to identify different substances.
This is not a substitute for laboratory testing,but it is the best harm reduction in the home environment.

How to use the reagents?

Just take a sample of the substance you want to check.
Drip a bit of the reagent and wait for a change of color.
The resulting color should be compared to the table attached.

What reagent should I use?

Each reagent identifies a wide variety of substances and there are
substances that are recommended for testing with more than one reagent.
Full information on all the reagent reagents can be found on the reagents’ Wikipedia pages.
In addition, you can search Google by writing the name of the
substances and the word reagent.
You have not been able to find an answer, or are not sure yet?
We will be happy to answer any questions via the Contact Us page or by email info@mr-safety.co.

How to store the reagents?

The reagents should be kept in the freezer.

What is the validity of the reagents?

Erlich’s validity , on right storage, is about six months old.
The rest of the reagents, on right storage, last about a year.

Why is it better to buy from Mr. Safety?

All the companies that produce and sell reagents sell exactly the same product. The reagent will remain a reagent. There’s no difference if you pay 20$, or 12$, you get the same reagent.
So why choose us?
We support harm reduction and therefore we do not think that high prices should be paid for such a basic product. A product that is a must for anyone who cares about his body and harm reduction should not cost much. Therefore, we offer our reagents at the cheapest price and free registered mail delivery to the world.

How are the products shipped?

Our products are shipped in a bubbled envelope, or in a box (depending on the size of the order).
The package is sent without any indication of the contents (except for large orders where a customs declaration is required and then simply labeled “reagents”) and without mentioning Mr. Safety, so everything is completely discreet.

What is considered a large order?

Up to 8 reagents are considered a small order and can be sent in an envelope.
Over 8 reagents are considered a large order and can only be sent in a box.

What are the shipping options?

Any order over 10$ is eligible for free registered mail.
In addition, there is a possibility of fast delivery (to certain countries only) and shipping with EMS.

What to do if I do not want registered mail?

The default shipping is registered mail for peace of mind to customers and we can make sure the product does arrive and there is no problem on the way.
If, however, for one reason or another, you prefer delivery without a tracking number, please note this in your order notes before payment.
It is important to note!!!
Delivery without tracking number does not allow us to see the progress of the package and therefore we can not be responsible for delays or anything else.

How long does it take to arrive?

Delivery times may vary depending on destination country, holidays and vacations and more …
Average arrival time can take from two days to a month depending on the country of destination.
For questions about a specific country you can contact us via the contact page, or by email info@mr-safety.co.

How long does the order take to proceed?

All orders made by 10 am (UTC + 2) are sent on the same day. Orders made after this time are sent on the next business day.
Business days are Sunday through Thursday.

How can I pay?

Payment options are Credit/Debit cards and Bitcoin (and other crypto currency).
Want to pay in another way?
Contact us and we’ll try to help.

How can I contact you?

Via the Contact Us page, or by email at info@mr-safety.co.