Fentanyl Test Stripes


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What is Fentanyl?
Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is active in very low doses.
Due to its low price and low doses, which are highly potent (and life-threatening), many substances are mixed with Fentanyl.
Why do people do that?
The reason for this is very simple. By mixing fentanyl with other substances, they can add inactive substances, which will increase the weight, but the effect will not feel weaker because of the fentanyl.
So what is the problem?
Fentanyl overdose is very low. People who consume their stuff normally, at the dosages they are used to, can accidentally take too much of fentanyl, and the biggest cause of death from overdose is fentanyl.
How can I tell if I have fentanyl in the substance?
With the use of test strips, you can see in a very simple and quick way (up tp 5 min.) whether your substance has a fentanyl or not.


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